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The rise of 'citizen astronomers': An era of new discoveries and collaboration

As non-experts become a source of cosmic understanding, their participation generates fresh questions about the connections between science and democracy.

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NASCAR: Joey Logano wins at Talladega, moves on in Chase

Joey Logano won Sunday’s Hellmann’s 500 at Talladega Superspeedway, clinching a spot in the round of eight of NASCAR’s Chase. Logano, Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Harvick qualified for the next … Click to Continue »

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How To Generate Leads Using Social Media Platforms

For any digital marketer social media plays a very important role in engaging and building relationships with customers and prospects. There’s more to do with social media than just updating your Facebook status, or retweeting the popular tweets.

Of course, by keeping your social media accounts active, you can keep your audience engaged and of course increase the number of like, shares, followers, fans and so on. So, what is stopping you to generate leads via social media?

Social media can be an extremely powerful tool for lead generation and conversion, provided you use it rightly. Also ads on social media can play a huge role to generate more leads and close more sales.

For now, let’s focus on how to create content for Facebook and Twitter for maximum clicks and more conversions; the path to more lead generation:


Optimize with external content

Increase the effectiveness of your social media campaigns by using high quality content. Treat your social media content as an integral part of generating leads via social media channels.

Optimize your social media with quality content, it means, in my personal opinion, that social media platform is a marketing channel where you place your high value content, your blog content, landing pages, infographics and other resources links from your official websites.

Besides quality of content, make sure that you format it in a most clickable way for reach social media channel.

Below are few ways that you can link your external content in your social media profiles:

  • Social Media Channel: Your blog with a link to a relevant landing page = Lead Generation
  • Social Media Channel: Quality Gated Content = Lead Generation
  • Social Media Channel: Share only blog post to encourage your audience visit your blog page and sign-up via forms tactically placed in your blog article = Lead Generation

You can try various permutation and combinations, but when you intend to generate leads via these social media posts make sure you always link it to a relevant URL, blog, landing page, download, guide or a website.

To get your brand noticed and heard, in the noisy world of social media, is the biggest challenge. Below are two ways to optimize your content for leads and clicks via social media.

  1. Promote your content on social media in an entertaining format and relative to the channel you’re using.
  2. While sharing a link to your official website, blogs, or a landing page on a social media, make sure that the content is crafted, and fabricated in an interesting manner and quite relevant to the respective channel.
  3. The thumb rule to have a successful social media campaign to generate leads is to have a compelling copy, catchy and high quality images as per the resolution required by each channel.
  4. Content and images used for various social media profiles are different in terms of look and feel for content, and size and resolutions for images. As people visit, connect and engage in different social media platform for various reasons and each platform has it’s unique way to communicate and connect with audiences.

generate leads using social media

Stop promoting just links

Linking your social media content while every time you communicate with your audience, shouldn’t be your only objective while intend to get leads via social media accounts. Sharing a link is just a part of your social media marketing strategy, but it must not be overdone.

Besides sharing your own links make sure that you also share informative, entertaining and intriguing content which keeps your social media audience glued to your account. You can share anything which you think your target customer or prospects will find it interesting like some sarcasm on the industry, witty or humorous, quotes, inspiring story, meme, videos, tutorials or anything which might grab their attention. You can also launch contest, giveaways, poll and quiz to keep your community engaged and interactive.

Strategize your analytics

Now, when you have learned almost all hacks of social media to get maximum clicks and leads via unpaid social media, it’s time to track results and bring business at large. Following are effective ways to strategize your social media reports and analytics;

  1. Create a goal in Google Analytics that keeps track of all your leads generated, and their conversion via social media. Begin with URL destination goal related to downloads, contact form, and sign-ups.
  2. Google allows you to create maximum 20 URL goals, out of which I highly recommend one of them should be “Thank You” page. Other URL destinations can be linked to white papers, e-books, guides, checklists, and many more.
  3. One of the best ways to track your social media traffic is by using UTM parameters included within the links you share in your social media posts.
  4. UTM parameters are nothing but personalized tags which you add to your URL to analyze your referral traffic via Google Analytics. You can use Google URL builder to add the custom parameters to your URLs. Also don’t forget to mention the source i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, and campaign term while creating UTM parameters.


Some bonus tips to generate even more leads

There’s more than one way to generate leads and speed up lead conversions via social media but out of which optimized content is great way to begin with. Below are few more tips and tricks to generate even more leads:

  1. Tweet what’s relevant to your followers
  2. Tweet directly to leading influencers in your industry
  3. Ask influencers or your active followers to retweet your tweets.
  4. Whenever you post any content or link on your Facebook page make sure you tag relevant influencers or relevant audience.
  5. Share your content and links only to the relevant groups, communities, and lists in LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Groups or Twitter.
  6. Pay attention to concerns, answer questions, and clarify doubts relevant to your industry/product in other communities, and groups.


Over to you

Social media is usually considered a top-of-the-funnel marketing activity, great for brand awareness, education, and engagement. But it can also be used for lead generation. How have you changed your social media model to incorporate lead generation? Has it been successful for you? Tell us about it in the comments!

Images courtesy of Pixabay.

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Getting Your Home Ready for Trick-or-Treaters

At summer’s end, once school is back in session, many of us start looking forward to Halloween. It’s a holiday adults can enjoy as much as kids. But, homeowners do have one serious obligation on this fun night: If you expect trick-or-treaters, you must make sure the path to your door is a safe one.

Take no trips

Inevitably, some giddy ghosts and ghouls will race excitedly to your door. Be prepared.

In the full light of day, inspect your lawn, driveway and front path for trip hazards like exposed tree roots, cracks in concrete or missing pavers. Make repairs where possible or, at the very least, cut off access to unsafe areas.

Meanwhile, if you’ve decorated the front yard with decorations like light-up pumpkins and animated figures, relocate the electrical cords so they’re not in anyone’s way.

Light the way

Make sure the path to your house is bright enough for trick-or-treaters to approach safely.

You don’t need to install a full suite of year-round landscape lighting simply to accommodate visitors on Halloween night. There are plenty of temporary and affordable options for illumination, from glow sticks to tea lights.

And although it may seem more in keeping with the mood of this spooky night to switch off your porch light, it’s much safer – not to mention more inviting – to keep it on.

Resist flammable decor

Whether vandals or accidents are to blame, there are many more fires on Halloween than a typical October night, according to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Holiday decorations are often quite flammable, involving materials such as paper, hay and dried cornstalks.

If you can’t resist adorning your home and yard with such potentially dangerous items, then be sure to keep them away from candles and other heat sources. If jack-o’-lanterns or luminaries figure into your celebrations, illuminate them using LED tea lights, not open flames.

Curb your dog

Chances are yours is a friendly dog. But if some Halloween costumes are so convincing as to be frightening to small children, those same getups could be equally disturbing to your pooch – particularly on such a high-energy night.

It’s good sense to contain your dog in an indoor space that’s both comfortable and secure.

A festive parade of goblins and ghouls, princesses and superheroes will soon be marching to your house. Do your part by clearing the path and lighting the way. Be safe out there, and have a Happy Halloween!


Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of Zillow.

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Is dark energy a real thing? Maybe not, new study suggests.

A new study from researchers at Oxford may indicate that the universe is expanding at a constant rate, which means there is no need to posit a ‘dark energy’ that accelerates its expansion. 

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Martin Truex’s NASCAR title hopes take big hit early at Talladega Superspeedway

It began with a vibration somewhere in the engine of Martin Truex Jr.’s No. 78 Toyota. Seconds later, Truex’s hopes for winning NASCAR’s Cup championship were likely gone. “Damn,” Truex … Click to Continue »

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Why the few remaining snow leopards are still dying at the hands of humans

The report estimates that between 221 and 450 snow leopards have been killed since 2008, but notes that the number could be higher since killings in remote areas go undetected and it is difficult to monitor the trade of big cats.

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Why so many in NASCAR, and among sport’s fans, love Donald Trump

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Ozzy & Sharon's 90210 Rental Hits the Market

shutterstock_252513817What has a stately entrance, a glamorous swimming pool, and a ZIP code that can’t be beat? Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s rental in Beverly Hills 90210 for the past four years.

The reunited couple moved out recently, and it’s on the market for $26.895 million.

Designed by architect-to-the-stars Paul R. Williams in 1955, as the Los Angeles Times reported, the home spans nearly 5,400 square feet and boasts a marble entryway reminiscent of old Hollywood. It’s ideal for entertaining the children and friends, with a gourmet kitchen, a formal breakfast room and a formal dining room that seats 20. For more casual gatherings, there’s a wood-paneled family room with a fireplace and bar.

The home’s 4 bedrooms and 6 baths include a master suite with dressing rooms, a steam shower and a spa tub.

The home is situated on nearly an acre with a mosaic tile pool and a cabana that features a gym, bathroom and kitchen. The property also offers a guest house and staff quarters.

The listing agent is Lori Berris of Sotheby’s International Realty.


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Did the Viking rover actually discover signs of life on Mars in 1976?

In 1976, NASA sent two probes, Viking 1 and Viking 2, to the Red Planet to test for signs of life. Two of the scientists now argue that their experiments’ results should be reexamined in light of more recent tests. 

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