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ResponseCon Registration Opens Tomorrow

It’s nearly here! Registration for ResponseCon opens tomorrow (August 16, 2017)! Four two-day events in four cities across America make for great inspiration, learning, and networking.

  • October 17-18, join us in Boston.
  • October 19-20, come see us in Denver.
  • October 23-24, visit us in San Diego.
  • October 25-26, meet up with us in Austin.

All four events will feature the opportunities to learn from GetResponse experts and to become certified partners – giving you a way to earn more money with us and grow your business.

You’ll also have the chance to hear such marketing influencers such as Jamie Turner, Michael Brenner, and Andrew Davis.

Plus, get inspired by hearing how you can apply some of the successes from our customers to your own business. The people behind some of our case studies will be present as well, and you’ll be able to talk with them.

Early bird tickets will be available. Each ticket includes access to the full conference: keynote presentations, roundtable discussions, educational sessions, case studies, and panel discussions. Plus, networking opportunities with some of the top industry professionals and your peers. Also included in the ticket price are lunch, snacks, and soft drinks – sustenance is important to help your brain stay focused!

Call your boss, get budgetary approval – do what you have to do. Tickets are limited, and you don’t want to miss out on being one of the first attendees of ResponseCon.

Join us on our EPIC four-city road trip. Registration opens tomorrow.


ResponseCon 2017 -- learn about 4 epic events in October

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3 Design Tricks That Will Make Your Small Space Feel Big

Do you have a small space in your home that you’re unsure what to do with? Or is your cramped apartment forcing you to be creative in your living arrangements? You’re not alone.

Make your small room or living area fit your needs with clever solutions that will streamline your life and maximize your space.

Paint can work wonders

Choosing the right paint color for your small room can instantly give the impression of more space or emphasize its cozy feel. Traditional neutrals like white, cream and light gray are great choices because they provide a clean and streamlined look, while making the room feel brighter and more expansive.

Painting the ceiling white to draw the eye upward is an easy way to create visual openness overhead. You’ll have an airy and inviting space in no time.

paint it white
Courtesy of Orlando Soria.

On the other hand, if you want to play up the small space vibe even more, go bold with dark colors. It’s a fun and unique design choice to emphasize the smallness of a room by making a cozy den-like atmosphere with colors like black, dark gray and navy.

paint it black
Courtesy of Allison Lind.

Whether you decide to go light or dark, adding paint to your small space will help you get the effect you are going for in a quick and budget-friendly way.

Savvy storage

With tight spaces, there isn’t always room for all the storage needed for belongings, clothing, office supplies and more. By incorporating creative and flexible storage solutions, you can easily keep clutter out of sight, while still keeping everything you need handy.

For example, the kitchen is a great place to implement clever storage. Roll-away islands and pantries create an adjustable cooking area to fit your needs.

kitchen storage
Courtesy of Sandra Bird.

Add storage by using the space beneath your cabinets for hanging spices or wine glasses, and attaching holders to the backs of cabinet doors to keep foil and cleaning supplies neatly out of sight.

Don’t forget about uncommon spaces like ceilings for hanging items like bicycles out of the way, or adding shelving high up in closets for rarely used items.

Multi-tasking furniture

When you have limited floor space, it’s important to make your furniture work double duty. Choose pieces that have hidden storage and multiple functions, or can be compacted and stored when not in use.

Photo from Zillow listing.

If you can’t fit a dresser in your bedroom, try using drawers or crates under the bed for clothing and extra linens. A pouf or leather ottoman can easily transition from a seat to a footrest or side table.

Add function to your entryway by employing a bench with storage inside to hide extra shoes, gloves, and scarves. And if you have wall space to spare, hang a fold-down dining table.

folding table
Photo from Zillow listing.

Using modular pieces that can serve different purposes or fold out of the way frees up room to make your space comfortable and livable for you and your guests.

Limited square footage doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice function and style. Small space living is a great way to lead a simplified and streamlined life. With creative thinking, you can go from a cluttered, cramped mess to an organized and inviting space with room for all.

Top image from Zillow listing.


Originally published August 19, 2015.

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Why are there still Nazis? These eight questions can help explain.

Social dominance theory postulates that societies maintain their hierarchies by creating and promoting social beliefs that keep dominant groups on top.

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Who would play NASCAR’s Dale Jr. in a bio movie? He has unusual suggestions.

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Beyond Demographics: How to Collect Valuable Subscriber Data

Subscriber data is the backbone of successful email marketing. It’s really simple – the better you know your target audience, the better you communicate with them. We often say that email marketing allows you to collect a lot of data about your subscribers. But what does “a lot” really mean? What kind of data should you take under consideration? In this article I’ll show you 3 email marketing data categories you can track apart from demographics.

It’s a fact, the amount of marketing data is already overwhelming and still growing. If you want to use it effectively, you need to carefully pick the information that has an impact on your business. That’s why we’ll start with bare minimum.

Usually, web forms with a single form field drive the most conversions. Take a look at the following example from Best:


example of simple opt-in form

Image 1: A pop-up form promoting a sweepstake. Clean design with a single form field and a clear call to action.


All you need to do in order to enter the competition is provide your email address. But an email address alone doesn’t tell much about subscribers, does it? You need more information in order to personalize further communication. Let’s take a look at a few data categories that will help you with your email marketing efforts.



If you want to start building subscriber profiles from the very beginning (with the signup form), demographic data comes in handy. You can ask people about gender, day of birth, or city of residence at signup without causing much friction.

(if you’re interested in targeting your subscribers with relevant messages, here’s my article on how to start segmenting you list).

Here’s an example from Converse:


converse example of collecting subscriber data

Image 2: A pop-up signup form requiring email address and a date of birth (gender optional).


Some companies (e.g. Crayola) successfully use longer signup forms:


example of Crayola sign up form.

Image 3: Longer signup forms increase quality of your email list but might cause friction (some people won’t be willing to complete it).


But what else is there apart from demographics? Is there any particular data worth collecting?

Well, that’s subjective and it depends on the nature of your business. You need to analyze your business goals and determine a dataset that will help you run great email marketing campaigns yourself.

However, I suggest you to take look at the following data categories (I added a few examples in order to help you plan your own assets):



Interests or preferences are crucial for creating engaging content and building long-lasting relationships with subscribers.

People want to receive information they consider interesting, so when you inform them that you send emails based on subscriber preferences, they are likely to provide you with the necessary information.

Longer forms don’t need to be cumbersome. In order to make it easier for the subscriber, you can use checkboxes. Here’s an example from Stanley:


opt-in form example from Stanley that features interests

Image 4: A signup form designed to determine subscriber preferences: level of expertise and interests.

And one example from Pew Research Center:


Pew Research opt-in form example based on interests

Image 5: A signup form with checkboxes allowing people to subscribe to multiple email programs. Extensive, yet easy to complete.


As you can see, checkboxes offer multiple options without making it difficult to subscribe.



Behavioral data informs you about subscribers’ engagement, current interest, and funnel position. By tracking opens, clicks, and website activity, you can react fast to the current needs of subscribers.

The following email fragment presents different product categories. Based on the clicked links, we can assume product preferences.


bath and body works example of email based on behavioral content

Image 6: A fragment of an email from Bath&Body Works showing product categories.


Based on the links clicked in an email and visited URLs, you can run highly targeted campaigns presenting recently viewed products. Here’s a fragment of an email from UncommonGoods reminding me of the products I saw in the email and on the website:


uncommon goods email example

Image 7: A fragment of an email reminding of the recently viewed products.


Events like an abandoned cart are time-sensitive. You’d better act fast, if you want to win back customers who left your website without a purchase. Here’s a fragment of an email American Giant sends you when you leave an empty bag:


abandoned cart email example from American Giant

Image 8: An email reminder about an unfinished purchase.



Transactional data allows you to track conversions and tie your email marketing activity to sales. You can use e-commerce data to segment your email marketing list and target your subscribers based on their purchase history.

You can use transactional data to run email marketing campaigns significantly improving customer experience. A simple email informing customers that their order is already on the way helps them estimate the delivery time.

Here’s a transactional email from Blue Bottle Coffee with a delivery tracking option:


Blue bottle coffee email example

Image 9: A fragment of a shipping confirmation email with a link allowing customers to check shipment delivery status.


You can also use transactional data to up-sell. Perhaps a few customers would like to a add something to their order before shipment.

An example from Dollar Shave Club:


dollar shave club example of upsell email

Image 10: A fragment of an email allowing to add products before the order is shipped.

There are, of course, many more ways to use transactional data. Based on the purchase history you can engage your customers and ask for an opinion about your products, create cross-selling and up-selling campaigns, and segment your customers based on the average order value, etc. Don’t be afraid to experiment and run A/B tests to see what’s working best with your audience.


Up to you

What subscriber data do you collect? What information allows you to run your email marketing campaigns? Share your thoughts in the comments below and help us create a community of data-driven email marketers.


how to collect subscriber data

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5 Retro Decorating Trends That Deserve a Comeback

Some home decor looks are just too good to let go. The boldly colored kitchen cabinets of the ’50s are taking on a sophisticated modern look. The late ’80s country kitchen look is enjoying new life – minus the gingham frills and bonneted goose motif – in today’s farmhouse chic trend, and mid-century design has taken over the home furnishing offerings of retailers at every price point. Rattan furniture and velvet upholstery, both popular in the ’70s, are showing up in designer collections again.

Our pick for the decor trend  most deserving of a second chance? The brightly colored bathroom fixtures (and sometimes even matching tile) that became popular beginning in the 1930s, and evolved from cool pastels to the much-maligned avocado and harvest gold hues of the 1970s. We’re not seeing these offered new yet, but salvage stores are a great resource if you simply must have a mint green or bubble-gum pink sink for your bathroom renovation.

Photo from Zillow listing.

Here are some of the blast-from-the-past home decor looks designers are happy to have deja vu over.

’50s-style dens

We are loving the reemergence of the den or the basement as a gathering space. Instead of having family and friends centered around a 50-inch television in the living room, we’re seeing people move toward intimate areas like listening rooms for their favorite vinyls, or casual seating in the den with headphones and their iPads. This setup is more conducive for connecting and catching up, or simply taking time for one’s self – think wood paneling, updated and re-imagined bean bags in designer fabrics, and high-quality retro audio sound.

– Kerrie Kelly, Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

Photo by Brian Kellogg.

Macrame textile art

Macrame from the ’60s and ’70s, but with a whole new twist. I love the beautiful heavy knotted textile hangings as art, or the thin delicate hangings for room screens. [They can hold] hanging flower vases and even light fixtures. This time it’s all about texture with a Scandinavian vibe.

Susan M. Jamieson, ASID, Bridget Beari Designs, Inc.

Conversation pits

We want big living rooms with circular, sunken conversation pits. They need custom built-in sofas, space-age floating fireplaces hanging in the middle, and plush shag carpeting deep enough to swallow your foot. Give us this dedicated zone for hanging out with friends and family, a space that isn’t centered around a TV screen. Give us bold colors and wild graphic patterns on pillows. And, most importantly, give us a live-in housekeeper, because those shag carpets are a nightmare to keep clean.

– Chris Stout-Hazard, ROGER+CHRIS

Photo from Zillow listing.

The home design trend from the past I’d love to see make a comeback is the conversation pit. Our technology age has created a digital life and physical separation. The classic conversation pit promotes togetherness and community. The conversational pit arrangement organically encourages people to face each other with comfortable deep seating. It also can be an advantage in design strategy, with a flexibility to promote a stylish streamlined modern feel or a casual bohemian aesthetic. Inspiring our clients to ditch the television and engage with family and friends is part of our design practice, creating space as experience.

– Elena Frampton, Frampton Co.

Timelessly practical kitchen features

Two of our favorite features making a comeback lately are banquette seating and library ladders, especially in the kitchen. A lot of our projects are in the city, where space is at a premium. Banquette seating works great in a tight space, plus it creates additional storage opportunities under the bench. Same goes for the ladder: It’s all about space. If you don’t have to haul out a clunky ladder to access everything out of reach, you can double your kitchen’s storage capacity with cabinets or shelves that go all the way up to the ceiling.

– Jeff Pelletier,  Board & Vellum

Photo from Zillow listing.

Brass hardware and fixtures

Used in smaller doses like pull handles and faucets with a more sleek and modern shape, [brass hardware and fixtures] can really up your design game in a cool classy way. My favorite bathroom look right now is dark navy cabinets with Carrera marble quartz counters, oversized white sinks, and printed cement floor tile incorporated with brass pull handles and faucets.

– Christina El Moussa, HGTV’s “Flip or Flop” and SuccessPath

Photo from Zillow listing.

Top image from Zillow listing.


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